Two Proposals: Courtesy of TWHHAK (Things We Have Heard And Known)

Among my multifarious blog-wandering this week, I found two crisp proposals for the essential natures of men and women.  It isn’t politically correct, and so far as I know it only applies to Homo sapiens and characters whose psyche is based on them, but if true, these proposals will be validated for all male and female human characters, respectively, and resonate with the disproportionately human Reading Public.

If the writer intends to present a race with three or more sexes, it is upon himself to assess the essential psyches of each additional variation.

The first proposed premise is this: 

The essence of manliness is authority. It’s the need and ability to make decisions, to pronounce those decisions, and to act upon them. Strength, power, command, competency, respect, courage, assertiveness…these are all parts of authority, but they lack the spoken component. Good and right speech is indivisible from authority. When men succeed, they succeed along the paradigm of […]

via Proposed: Manliness is Authority — Things that We have Heard and Known

And the second is like it, saying:

The essence of femininity is desire. A woman’s primary mode of operation is to answer the question: “What do I want?” Her primary mode of understanding others is to ask “What does he want?” Desire is to women like physical strength is to men. Most men are much stronger than all but the strongest women, and the strongest […]

via Proposed: Femininity is Desire — Things that We have Heard and Known

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