When the Bible’s Own Commands Are Unbiblical.

An answer to Ben Witherington’s Why Arguments Against Women in Ministry Aren’t Biblical, on Patheos.com.

Mr. Witherington’s essay, dated from 2015, resurfaced recently in the wake of the “embarrassing” scandal of John MacArthur’s remarks about Beth Moore. I’m no fan of MacArthur, nor of Moore, but the remarks MacArthur made, heard here in original context, are in no way inconsistent either with the plain scripture nor with traditional doctrine on the subject. They’re not even impolite or unkind. What they are, however, is alarmingly* politically incorrect. They got American Christians talking again, about issues that had been genteelly refereed away and not addressed head-on. Witherington’s notes resurface in this context, and in this context require an answer, perhaps a fisking.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t the time nor attention span, when this first came to my attention, to do the two-bit heretic such justice. Nor have I such today. But if either of my readers would like to have a go at him, he’s ripe for the de-feathering.

*for certain values of alarm.

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