Standing By

Christ-The-King Sunday and the King coming down to earth.

On 22 November, the OT Reading was from Ezekiel 34:11-16 and 20-24, the NT Reading was 1 Corinthians 15:10-28, and the Gospel Reading (please stand for the reading of the Gospel) was from Matthew, chapter 25:31-46. Again and again and again we see the Lord, reigning as King upon the earth, dividing the righteous from the wicked and the sheep from the goats. And as Paul points out in 1 Corinthians, the sign of this promise is Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

He (that is, the Lord, is not dawdling but is coming soon, and saints throughout the ages of the Church have expected his return as imminent, even precipient. As Chaplain M. pointed out on Sunday, we are right to do so. Many years ago, and for much of his career, he was a part of an Airborne unit, jumping out of fine planes into dark night air more times than he bothered to count. The last command before the order to jump is always “Stand By,” and the people of God have been Standing By for that order since the first century. We all will sleep if the Bridegroom tarries, but as soon as he calls, sleeping or waking, we will trim our lamps to go in and be ready to jump when the order comes. But whether that comes as “The Rapture” as taught in dispensationalist churches, or as Christ comes on the Mt. of Olives, we are commanded to Stand By. It’s almost time– in God’s timeline– for the Jump.

As of the morning of Resurrection Sunday, the door has been open. Can you hear the wind?

Are you ready for the Jump? Or will you be caught with no oil when the lamps are lit, and meet that jump as blood-upon-the-risers?

WWII veteran Vincent Speranza leads Airborne School graduates in “Blood Upon The Risers.”

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