Dance to the Line — According To Hoyt

Were any of you brats, when you were little? Or did you ever observe natural-born brats in action? Because I had a natural, massive problem with authority. Which had its issues, because you see, until my heath got better at about 9, I was a little, forever sick kid who weighed nothing, and […]

Dance to the Line — According To Hoyt

Now, a little something to rattle the sabers and whet the war-eagles’ talons over. I don’t usually wax political here, because life is so very much more than politics, and politics in a Western “democracy” is by its definition a transient NOW! business, whereas art (including writing) that has any value is art that endures. Much of that does have immediate political content and context, but usually its endurance is in spite of, not because of, that.

But I make no bones about my political allegiance: I am a red-blooded American and hold traitors in contempt so far as I am able to do so– including those who have occasionally ascended to the nation’s presidency. And I leave you with the words of Mr. Mencken:

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” H. L. Mencken, Prejudices (First Series)

1 thought on “Dance to the Line — According To Hoyt”

  1. Men, real men in the flesh are rare these days, a dying entity that created and defended freedom and justice.

    The new age of soy boys, keyboard ticklers and politically correct poltroons is a given. Most males are not men, but abject sheeple inclined to an existence of servility to the politically correct beast of bastardly buffoonery, that regularly vomits out a meal of vapidity, chunks of leftist semi digested food, coated in a slime carrying the stench of hypocrisy noted by its ability to gag the proverbial maggot. At opportune moments, when the vomit splashes in the corriders of ASSademia, the halls of political poltroonity, the castles of media liars, the ballrooms of follywood, the unholy cathedrals of fake religion, etc, the sheeple run for tarnished spoons to scoop up the chunks and gobble down. This then results in the maiming of their minds by toxic poisons in the mix, and causes the knee jerk reactions that manifest in the labelling(libelling) of any dissenters as racists, nazis, bigots, islamophobes, homophobes, alt rightists, right wingers, male chauvinists etc.

    This scene has been repeated for decades, and is hell bent on being the destructor of freedom, justice and all that is good. I wonder though why the sheeple, as a matter of practicality, do not wear bibs full time? It would save stains on the cheap fabric of their lowly character lacking in courage, from the slime dripping down the left sides of their mealy mouths, which makes these cretins as appealing at best as a road kill gutted garter snake two days old, bloated with maggots and the decompositorial stench of gas best likened to the breaths of the late and not so great Fidel, Mao, and Pol Pot, all heroes to the soy boys of today.

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