The Ceremonial Laws as Catechism

Before the Larger and the Shorter Catechism, there was the Catechesis of Mt. Sinai.

1 thought on “The Ceremonial Laws as Catechism”

  1. The Old Testament dispensation has MANY Truths that are applicable even after the dawning of the New Testament dispensation. It is always viable and valuable. Books like Proverbs and Eccesiastes are filled with wisdom and profitable counsel only a fool would ignore. One must however beware the bongages therein imposed by present day fake religions that are based on non contextual verses and are thus irrelevant WHEN they conflict with NT instruction.

    Jesus is the Epitome of Freedom among other things but God in the OT is accurately associated with the glorified Jesus of the NT. Both God the Father and Jesus are Epitomes of Justice and will do terrible business with those outside of the Salvation Plan. At this point, salvation is offered, extended and granted to whosoever will accept it in this time of mercy and it is accessible only through Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation makes it clear Jesus will then be the Judge, Jury and Executioner, tolerating nothing as is His due. The most important message in the whole Book is there is but One Way to salvation and no other, and it alone is through Jesus Christ in response to the compelling conviction of the Holy Spirit on each and every one of us. We either accept and are saved, or reject and are damned. There is no neutral ground.

    Accept or reject, it is your choice alone. However we are held accountable. Many reject and do not believe the Truth but one millisecond after death one will see and be either overjoyed or downcast. There are no second chances.


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