Quotes Past Midnight, Vol. III

I confess these fell by the wayside recently, after having attempted to do them more regularly than my previous intermittence. I blame the end-of-term projects for Spring Semester, as I have been studying architecture with an eye to a day-job in the field. But without further ado, quotes collected via The Masculinist, According To Hoyt, and various other reading:

It was at that time I got a job working as a consultant on the Norwegian revision of the Old Testament, and since I had no grounding in the linguistic, cultural, or religious aspects that were involved, I had no option but to work hard and meticulously, nothing was going to come to me on a plate, and what revealed itself then, when I went through the first sentence of creation word for word, for instance, was the way in which entire worldviews might be encapsulated in a comma, in and “and,” in a “which,” and with those insights, how different the world becomes if its description is coordinate with rather than subordinate to the metaphor, for example, or the way a word not only has lexical meaning, but is also colored by the contexts in which it appears, something the writers of the Bible exploited to the full, for instance, by allowing a word at the beginning to apply to the sun’s relation to the earth, and then to let that same word many pages on to apply to man’s relation to woman. The word is merely there, in the two different places, and the connection is as good as invisible, yet decisive. People have been reading the Bible as holy Scripture for a couple of thousand years, and every word it contains has been considered meaningful, a dizzying tight mesh of different meanings and shades of meaning have thereby arisen, which no single human can every possibly command. What happened when I started working on those texts was that I learned to read. I began to understand what it meant to read.

Karl Ove Knausgaard, My Struggle, Book Six

When you compete against others you become bitter, when you compete against yourself you become better.

MMA fighter Connor McGregor

An opinion can be argued with; a conviction is best shot.

T. E. Lawrence, The Evolution of a Revolt

Defeat is not due to losses but to the destruction of the soul of the leaders.

General George S. Patton

We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

Seek the truth.
Listen to the truth.
Teach the truth.
Love the truth.
Abide by the truth.
And defend the truth
Unto death.

John Huss, Czech martyr of the early Protestant Reformation.

2 thoughts on “Quotes Past Midnight, Vol. III”

  1. The Holy Bible can be read and re-read and re-re-read infinitely with each reading finding a new TRUE meaning/revelation to the reader that not only augments/proves scriptures as Divinely inspired but timeless in their application to every time period and historical reality in existence past, present and future.

    The many double reference prophecies spoken especially by Jesus are perfectly accurate. The existence of the Israelites, their lives as a people, clearly graph/identify what future events have, do, and will occur to global populations.

    For example, if you take the first two chapters of Revelation and note especially the judgments by Jesus condemning the seven churches of Asia, with six being clearly damned, and only one getting a mere pass, and extrapolate the figures ahead as a double reference prophecy, you will have a current reference to present religions as being at least around 85% apostate. This is an accurate measurement of the world religions and even the religions by region as being fake unscriptural screeds based on the error of their man made imposed imperfections made the worse by liars, fake ministers, false prophets and these “blind leading the blind” fools/hirelings of the secular/temporal synagogue of Satan present especially in western nations of today.

    Many times God damns religion through the life and times of Jesus, the ultimate good/best existential entity/Savior ever existing as the Son with the Father and the precious Holy Spirit.

    There is only one True and Perfect religion, One Savior, and One Way to salvation, and the damned lies puked from the treacherous/dying lips of most hireling cowards and apostates that there are many ways to God is their personal ticket to hell/damnation and their indescribably horrible eternal punishment most of these abominable workers of iniquity say does not exist. It is clearly written that those by whom the offence cometh will suffer huge punishment for their perpetrated sins. So can you calculate/imagine the wrath of God on these liars whose words of deception cause a stumbling block to untold numbers who believe/follow the lies of these workers of iniquity to hell?

    It is written that man cannot know the things God has created for those who stand true to Him. I can apply that in the other sense that man cannot know the terrible things God has prepared for His enemies and especially the workers of iniquity wherein it is written, “God hates the workers of iniquity.” I ponder in fear the wrath of God coming upon human traffickers, torturers/murderers of innocent unborn children, drug lords, communist rulers who have murdered hundreds of millions, moslem rulers throughout history who enslaved/butchered innocent men, women and children, liars/religious leaders who preached a fake message that has led billions to hell, etc etc etc.

    I am aware fully of the mercies of God given me in this existence in spite of my undeserving them, and I am also fully aware I merit naught but death, judgment and damnation save for the Truth Jesus is the only Way to salvation. I know God loves worship, gratitude and honor and I have been careful to offer these to Him.

    A few words among many that impose humility on me from the scriptures are spoken by the Apostle Paul when he says he is the “chieftest of sinners.” What hope then is there for me, when a man who died a martyr lays claim to that designation? The answer is none whatsoever, until within the deep dark filth of our existences, every manner of sin and sinner in the blackness of the night looks up in despair and hopelessness with humility, hurt, pain, and realization one has to only call upon the name of Jesus, confess our sins, seek His forgiveness, and throw ourselves on His mercy.

    This is true of the drug addict, the prostitute, the beggar, even the murderer. The salvation of a man who was placed in an asylum has been etched upon my mind since over 40 years ago I heard it from a preacher. The man barked like a dog, was led around by staff with a leash around his neck, and ate from a bowl on the floor of his secured room. But one day, his mind was pierced by the Light, the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and the mercy of the Savior as the penitence and Truth of his plight dawned upon him and he looked up to say three words that embodied humility, sorrow, repentance, confession and grief, and those three words that guaranteed his place in Heaven one split second after death were, “Accept me please.”

    In a moment it was done, and that man went on to recovery and wrote the words of a song, “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.” His name was and is John Newton, and the same Power, the Person of Jesus Christ, can save anyone, who would call upon Him.

    He is always true, past, present and future. And He always, as the Epitome of Freedom, offers you and you alone that decision. If you stumble, fail, falter, He is always ready after the fact to lift you up and restore you. You are of ultimate worth and I do not care who and what you are, for His promise is written as “Whosever will may come.”

    The biggest obstacle to salvation, freely offered and freely given, is the one thing He hates more than anything, and it is called pride. If we humble ourselves, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. Pride is the mother of ALL sins and to be honest, I grapple with it all the time. It is not hard though for me to know my place and looking around, I see lots of people who are better people than I. That reality forms the basis of my fight with pride.

    Your choice, your destiny. So it has been, so it is, so it will ever be but only until the Father closes the curtain, and that day arrives when Jesus comes as Judge, Jury, and executioner. Fairy tale you say?

    All will know, who were born between the creation and the day of His coming, who die, that death is but an instant journey to the spiritual dimension, either Heaven or hell. At this point, I will confess that in this temporal existence, I have seen, heard and witnessed things that have left me with no doubts as to the Truth of scriptures. More than a few of those things I have been being favored by the mercy of God to be exposed to, through seeing and hearing the actions and words, death bed testimonies and other events in my life that only a fool would write off as nothing. Things could have happened to me, many in progress at the time, I shudder to think of, that could have but did not happen to me through the mercy of God. My life could have been taken, sentencing me to hell.

    I think and say throughout my existence, “What manner God are thou who seeketh and saveth the lost, the suffering, the sorrowful, the downcast, the worst sinners one can imagine?

    I say this to not all, but to myself. Our tact needs to be gratitude and humility for being accorded the opportunity through circumstance, mercy and unconditional love offered by Jesus Savior to through Him and Him alone, attain unto salvation that none of us including me, merit on any count except His Magnanimity and Mercy towards us. Has any other claiming to be God ever submitted to being the Perfect Sacrifice in the most painful way to die for wretches unworthy of such a free Gift? Did Mohammed? Did Charles Tas Russel? Did Joseph Smith? Did Buddha? Did anyone?

    No. Such a thing would have been, and is impossible based on the fact there was none perfect, except Jesus, Author and Finisher of our Faith. He was and is the only perfect Person who ever lived, and look at what the stupid bastards did to Him.

    Yet in that injustice of torturing and killing One totally innocent, we clearly see that in His life, He used His strongest language against the worst enemies of His day who have been and are the worst enemies of us all today, the religious leaders who have been, are and will be responsible for sending untold trillions of people to hell by their lies, apostasies, and existences as mere hirelings, false prophets, and fake ministers.

    So we can see the biggest enemy of Truth then is the biggest enemy of Truth now but God alone is always true and every man a liar.

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  2. Seek the truth.
    Listen to the truth.
    Teach the truth.
    Love the truth.
    Abide by the truth.
    And defend the truth
    Unto death.

    The truth and the Truth cannot be defended or died for unless one loves and is saved by the real Truth. Without the strength of that Savior, with sins forgiven and on the “Path” to Glory, none can stand as he/she should and die as a martyr to take the honored place under the floor of the Great Throne Room reserved alone for martyrs who as scriptures indicate, talk with God. Is there any greater privilege? Or honor? I mean to die for the Truth?

    Death after all is but a transferal process to the spiritual dimension and the location where we will all be judged and either attain unto Heaven or hell in a moment. We will in a split second realize that the scriptures are true, and we were either foolish or wise, depending on the choice we made to accept or reject Jesus the Son of the living God. In that moment, all ridicule, persecution and inconvenience will seem to be as the buzzing of flies in one’s ears if we have made the right choice, or the gong of doom sounding our damnation.

    Almost every existential entity in the secular existence is a danger to truth and Truth…the liars of the media, sports, follywood, ASSademia, politics, RELIGION, etc etc etc The world is a seething caldron of lies, evil and filled with hurt, pain and disappointment, best described as Broken people in a broken world” and acceptance of lies and liars is the prime cause of this state of affairs.

    I am not a conspiratorialist but evil seems to be on the move in ways never before seen to such an extent. To predict the time of the apocalypse is to set oneself up as a liar for ONLY the FATHER knows that day and hour, and not even the Son, nor the Holy Spirit. Common sense screams that if those Two do not know, then who is man in his existential grasp of folly and arrogance to dare think he knows that day and hour? Pure unbridled arrogance!

    When you have fools and liars claiming there are over three dozen genders then you know things are seriously nutso. When you have multi millionaire sports players in the NBA and NFL taking knees as their protest for the fake racism that is non existent, you know insanity is in play.

    But when you have most religions led by apostate hirelings preaching there are many ways to God, then you know the whole damned planet has lost and/or rejected the primary Truth that ever existed and which may be suppressed only for a short while but will rise at the most unexpected moment to proclaim Itself as what it is. I speak of course of the Apocalypse which no human has any idea of the moment it will occur.

    I have ALWAYS said for years the USA is the greatest nation on the face of this wretched planet and long ago I said that if the USA falls, every other free nation in the world will also fall.

    There is no doubt in my mind now that the malignant evil represented by the damnocraps and their propaganda arm, the media leftist liars, are making their move to weaken and destroy the USA. None can argue every policy the “bidet” ASSministration has engaged has been calculated to this end. The players might as well wear black to signify their malignancy as they are unmistakably identified as toxic by their evil malignant actions. The stench of their damned leftist hypocrisy besides gagging the proverbial maggot is as nauseating and repulsive as dried congealed dog snot on a cold door knob.

    In my earlier years as a young man I would visit the elderly in the church I attended to gain wisdom and I would oft hear them say, “we are living in perilous times.” That was over four decades ago. Well I did not see all of it then but there were rumblings in the distance that have now, with the associated cooperation of media, sports, ASSademia, follywood, entertainment, religion and politics culminated in a dark sky with thunderous evil in the mix shaking the foundations of all that is good.

    I may be an uncouth and rough man, able and willing to respond to verbal violence and even physical violence by the same, for the reality is that when nothing else works, violence is the only thing that will and it must be employed. Be aware we all have the Sovereign rights to freedom of expression and self defence up to and including the use of lethal defence if necessary. In the USA it is called “stand your ground” laws but up here in “Canuckistan” ruled by a fool, hoplophobe, liar, criminal, groper, hater, bigot, Christophobe, and fake ASSIstant grade 5 drama teacher elected by fools there exist no such laws. However, the law can be an ass and usually is under liberal leftist loons and I am well prepared to seize and practice my Sovereign rights endowed by my Creator if necessary. Both blm and antifa are domestic terrorists who understand only violence in return for their own. As to liberal leftist laws? They can go to bloody hell where they belong as they drag their authors there for a front row center seat worshipping their master, satan, and suffering the fate they richly deserve.

    If I, a rough man, raised by a Methodist father and a Salvation Army mother, can beg the mercy of God unto salvation and be taught by the precepts of the Holy Bible the real Truth, then nobody else has any excuse to miss the real picture, and the Way of Life explained therein.

    You see, the truth is that most people I meet, see and associate with are far better than I and if I can parse things into accurate perceptions of Truth, then surely anyone can. All one need do is read the Holy Bible.

    Sadly today, “Common sense is not so common” and that was stated ironically enough by Voltaire an 18th century philosopher and atheist who did not know his words would be more true in the current time frame than in his.

    God is always true and every man a liar, and many even damned liars. So it has always been and so it will always be.


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