Wolfenstein: A New Order and Another Castle.

A solid discussion of violence in video games.  For what it’s worth, the name of Wolfenstein doesn’t evoke over-the-top eight-bit FPS runs in DOS, but an earlier puzzle-game on the Commodore 64 (with 5-1/4″ floppies) that never used more than one non-black color per screen, putting all of its energy into the challenge of its puzzles.  Now, I haven’t played any of the Wolfenstein franchise in years, but it was curious to note the resemblance on the latest edition’s posters between a female character (villainess?) and a recent presidential candidate.

Snapper nails it here, though:  it isn’t gamer culture that brought us the Parkland or Columbine tragedies.  The evil at fault is closer to homes.

I’m sure by now most of you are aware of the school shooting which recently took place in Florida, and you are probably aware of the storm of information and misinformation flying around in the aftermath. From “scripted victims” to government conspiracies, there is such a thing as being able to find too much information […]

via Discussion Page: Violence in Gaming — Snapper’s Blog

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