The Insidious Brick-Works of American Education

Over at Yard Sale of the Mind, blogger Joseph Moore has put together an impressive essay in five or six parts on the culturally toxic nature of our modern education model, the so-called Prussian-Model schools now ubiquitous in America and elsewhere.  If you are at all concerned for the honest and healthy education of your kids, please take the time to read these and consider.  It’s not just a “Protestant” or even primarily a Protestant, structure, nor is Roman Catholicism the only institution it attacks.  The family itself is besieged, and the family’s own faith has always been a PRIMARY target.

I give you Catholic Schools Week, by Joseph Moore:

    1. Moore’s Modest Proposal
    2. A Bit of Where We Are (Memoir)
    3. How Did We Get Here?
    4. The Worm in the Bud (How Did We Get Here, Continued)
    5. The Sour Fruit Ripens
    6. In Conclusion:  History Wrap-Up
    7. Bibliography


And the Soundtrack thereunto, by Pink Floyd:

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